Alternative Dispute Resolution

Randall L. Erickson            

Publications Speeches


Publications Speeches and Presentations

Arbitration Dispute Resolution

Author: 2009 AGC Legal Advisory Committee Bulletin, “Tactics and Strategy for Mediating the Multi-Party Complex Case”

Moderator: "Constructing Success Through ADR", 2007 Construction Superconference

Speaker:  “ADR Update:  Changes in Arbitration Laws and Arbitration Organizations and Mediation Tips”, Association of General Contractors, September 2002

Author:  “Common Ground – Mediation Blends Science, Skills and Compromise
Reach a Consensus in Environmental Disputes”, Fall 2001

Speaker:  “Mediation of an Illegal Dumping Case”, California Integrated Waste Management Board, August 2001

Author:  “Viewpoint:  Party Arbitration Can Be Valuable Method”, California Construction Link, March 1998, Daily Pacific Builder, February 1998

Speaker:  “Alternative Dispute Resolution:  A Hindrance or Help?”, Associated General Contractors of California, February 1991

Co-Author:  “Contract Dispute Resolution and Recovery of All Change Order Costs”

Speaker:  “Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry”, American Arbitration Association,


Construction Claims/Litigation

Speaker: “Constructing Success Through ADR” Caltrans Legal Division Contract Law Workshop, March 13, 2008.

Moderator:  "Electronic Discovery and Litigation Readiness: Litigating Under the New Federal Rules", The Construction Superconference, Vendome Group, December 2006

Speaker:  "Construction Change Orders And Claims", Lorman Education Services, May 2006

Speaker:  "The A/E's Duty to The Contractor", AGC Legal Advisory Committee Meeting, May 2006

Moderator:  “Contractor and Construction Manager Issues", Andrews Superconference, 2005

Moderator:  “The A/E's Duty to the Contractor", Andrews Superconference, 2004

Speaker:  Forum on Construction: Fundamentals of Construction Law, American Bar Association, November 2004

Speaker:  “How to Effectively Mitigate Claims and Resolve Disputes”, Curt National Conference, November 2002

Moderator:  “E-Contracting for Bricks and Mortar:  New Challenges, Risks and Operations for Public Works in the Cyber-Era”, Andrews Superconference, December 2001

Speaker:  “Public Work Contracts and Public Entity Law”, Orange County Bar Association, May 2001

Speaker:  “2000 and Beyond Construction Industry Update”, Hard Hat Seminars, November 1999

Speaker:  “Construction Contracting for Public Entities in California”, Lorman Education Services, September 1999

Co-Author:  “Standard Procedures”, California Real Estate Journal, June 1999

Author:  “Yield Signs, Slowing Performance Is Driving Investment Trusts in New Directions”, Los Angeles Daily Journal, June 18, 1998, San Francisco Daily Journal, June 18, 1998

Speaker:  “Construction Law in the 21st Century - What Will the Future Hold For the Practitioner”, Orange County Bar Association, November 1997

Author:  “Changes Resulting from Ambiguous Specifications”, Wiley Publication, Fall 1993

Speaker:  “Construction Performance Problems”, The State Bar of California, 11th Annual Retreat, April 1992

Author:  “Mechanic’s Lien Actions; New Statutory Amendments and Future Trends”, Los Angeles Lawyer, February 1992

Speaker:  “Construction Claims and Damages”, Associated General Contractors of California, February 1992

Co-Author:  “Recovery for Extra Work”, Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, January 1991

Co-Author:  “Choosing a Contracting Format”, Wiley Construction Law Update, 1991

Speaker:  “Effective Construction Contracting”, Institute for International Research, June 1990

Speaker:  “Architect-Engineer Liability under California Law”, The Cambridge Institute,



Speaker:  “Avoiding Hazard Zones”, Orange County Bar Association, March 2001

Co-Author:  “Fair Market Value - A Taxing Question for Contaminated Property” California Real Estate Journal, February 2001

Co-Author:  “Management and problem Solving for Environmental Professionals, Environmental Protection Agency, October 2000

Speaker:  “Legal Advisory Committee 17th Annual Retreat”, Associated General Contractors of California, October 2000

Speaker:  “Avoiding Hazard Zones”, Environmental Protection Agency

Co-Author:  “Chlorinated Solvent Contamination:  Legal and Technical Considerations”

Argent Communications Group, 1999

Author:  “Environmental Law Considerations in Construction Projects”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998

Speaker:  “Environmental Considerations”, Law Seminars International, September 1995

Speaker:  “Environmental Implications in Construction”, Orange County Bar Association, June 1995

Speaker:  “Environmental Implications for the General Contractor”, AGC Contractor’s Legal Seminar, February 1995

Co-Author:  “Environmental Reports and Remediation, Plans Legal and Forensic Review”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., November 1994

Author:  “Environmental Remediation Contracting”, John R. Wiley & Sons, Inc., October 1992

Co-Author:  “Hazardous Waste in California”, National Business Institute, Inc., 1992



Moderator: "California Wage And Hour Issues - What You Don't Know Will Cost You", 2008  Construction Superconference



Speaker:  “The Real Estate and Construction Law Institute for Corporate Counsel”, Business Development Associates, Inc. March 1995


Speaker:  Andrews Construction Superconference, New York and San Francisco, December 1994.